"Who Else Wants An In-Depth,
Behind-The-Scenes, Fast-Track
Education In Raw Foods Nutrition
And Natural Healing… COMBINED With
An Intensive "Boot Camp Style"
Personalized Training With
Step-By-Step Techniques For
Overcoming Food Cravings, Preparing
Delicious and Healthy Meals,
Discovering the Best Superfoods, and
Reaching Your Optimal Weight…"
Dear Health Seeker,

If you want to wake up tomorrow and know exactly how to eat a raw
and living foods diet, and then start getting astonishing, immediate
results, then this may be the most important letter you ever read.

My name is Michael Snyder and I've been a member of the raw and
living foods community for the past 10 years. I've tried all the different
raw food diets and experimented with the various approaches to find
the ones that give the best results. What I discovered is so
revolutionary and exciting- I just have to share it with you.

Follow me now…

I've watched countless people struggle with the raw foods diet. They
attempt to transition to raw, but they soon fall off the wagon and
return to cooked foods. There is nothing more heartbreaking than
spending weeks and months of your life attempting to improve your
health, only to give up and return to your old habits that made you
sick in the first place.

Too many people spend thousands of dollars on all the latest raw food
appliances, supplements, and superfoods, only to find them useless
and gathering dust in the kitchen cupboards. They attempt to make a
radical dietary transition without the proper knowledge and support.
They bring home pounds of fresh produce only to get frustrated as
they give into junk food binges and cooked food cravings.

The truth is, they gave up too soon, and they missed out on the
chance of a lifetime to find optimal health, unlimited energy, and
enlightenment through living foods. If only they had read "The Health
Evolution", they would have saved themselves a lot of time, money,
and aggravation, not to mention the heartbreak of giving up on the
optimal diet.

But don’t worry; you aren't going to be like those people. With this
amazingly simple system, called "The Health Evolution: Getting Started
with Raw Foods", you will know all the tips and tricks that professional
living food presenters get paid to teach, and learn how simple and fun
it can be to eat a vegetarian raw and living foods diet.

What you are about to discover are the most important culinary skills
you could ever have. It will permanently transport you to the top of the
food chain no matter what your current diet is. Yes, this provocative
and revealing guide will change your life forever.

  • You will discover how to effortlessly eat a 100% raw vegan diet.
    You will discover how to gain the support of your family and
    friends and use it to your advantage.

  • You will discover how to amaze, impress, and astound your family
    and friends with raw foods. You are now armed with powerful
    knowledge you will use immediately to answer their difficult
    questions and teach them about the most delicious food on Earth.

  • One foundation of the living foods diet is sprouts! You will learn
    exactly how, what, and why you must start growing sprouts
    today! Do you realize how inexpensive it is to eat raw foods?
    Organic sprouts, one of most nutrient dense food groups on
    Earth, cost a measly 20 to 40 cents per pound!

  • You will discover how high-mineral wheatgrass juice can improve
    your health and create beauty

  • You will discover the most protein rich diet on Earth! You will be
    eating foods with all 21 amino acids. These easily digested foods
    provide the amino acids needed for beautiful hair, skin, and

  • You will reach your optimal weight using proven techniques to
    effortlessly gain or lose weight. You will be eating as much food
    as you want, as often as you want

  • You will get started today on raw foods!

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Let me ask you three intriguing questions...

1.      How can small changes in your eating habits, food choices, and
beverage selections give you unlimited energy levels and beautiful skin?

2.      How can these delicious foods give you every essential nutrient
needed for healing and rejuvenation?

3.      How can you use these time tested and proven raw food
techniques to gain the support of friends and family and have them
begging for your beauty secrets?

But what if the answers, as you will see below, are absolutely


              And Yes!

Let’s just for a moment assume they are.

What would that mean to you?

Listen, just imagine if you woke up tomorrow morning and magically
made it happen? All of a sudden you know exactly how to create
nutrient rich gourmet foods that will have people knocking down your
door for the recipes.

Would that mean a significant improvement in your energy levels?
What would increased energy mean to you? If with the same effort you
went from energy draining cooked foods to high-energy living foods,
how much more could you accomplish this month, this year?

Or how about saving bundles of money on your grocery bills? How
much would you save when you discover how to eat organic foods for
pennies a day? You will be eating as much food as you desire, and you’
ll have all the essential appliances, for very little money.

Or being able to effortlessly throw together a savory and scrumptious
gourmet meal in less than 30 minutes. How long does it take you right
now to prepare dinner and how nutritious is it? Instead you prepare it
faster, measured in minutes instead of hours, and your dinner guests
are so mesmerized by your un-cooking that they will stop everything
to share in a dinner lovingly prepared by you.

Unless you are philosophically opposed to being dramatically more
successful in your kitchen, then you would be hysterically ecstatic to
wake up and know exactly how to create these raw gourmet superfood
meals. So you WANT this to happen to you today.

And because of the dramatic increase in your health, you would be
sleeping less and accomplishing more. So if you have more energy to
work, then cost is not a question.

So The Real Question Is…


Can you learn how to make these small dietary changes in just one lazy
afternoon (or night) and see immediate results?

That is what you want, correct.

You sit down for a few hours tomorrow and have these Living Food
Secrets "magically" transferred from my brain to yours.

Then you make small changes and immediately see (vast)
improvements with your health, your vitality, your appearance, your
food prep skills, your energy levels -- in everything you are doing in
the kitchen.

These are some of the amazing facts you’ll learn that will help you
become an experienced raw food chef, beat your cravings, and succeed
socially by gaining the support of friends and family.

  • How do you order raw foods at restaurants while avoiding
    potentially embarrassing and awkward moments?

  • You will discover how to use fresh vegetable and fruit juices to lose
    weight and heal disease

  • How are grains prepared? Secrets to sprouting grains and
    preparing delicious raw breads.

  • You will discover the amazing Energy Soup recipe made famous
    by Ann Wigmore.

  • You will receive an exclusive special report written by Dr. Ann Wigmore's
    personal assistant, Dr. Flora Van Orden, describes in detail the correct
    way to get started on the Ann Wigmore Living Foods program.

  • What food contains over 90 minerals?

  • Why the friendly bacteria is essential for a healthy digestive tract
    and the foods that contain them.

  • How disease is caused by dairy foods. Discover the calcium rich
    foods that must be consumed to replace dairy.

  • Why pineapple juice should be chugged, and why wheatgrass
    juice should be chewed for two minutes

  • How to obtain adequate vitamin D levels.

  • How to overcome cravings for bread and pasta.

  • The easy technique for quickly and safely opening young

  • The appliances and temperatures needed for safe food
    dehydration. (P. 29)

  • What is green juice made of and why should I drink it every day?
    (P. 19)

  • Which percentages of fat, protein, and carbohydrates should
    your diet consist of? (P. 13)

  • The technique that allows one to prepare fermented and cultured
    foods in days instead of weeks (P. 28)

  • You Will discover the secrets to cleansing and detox using the famous
    Master Cleanser recipe by Stanley Burroughs

  • The one food that must never be eaten with or after vegetables.

  • The fruitarian diet sounds great in theory but is it the optimal diet
    for humans?

  • Discover the only vegan foods contain the essential long chain
    omega-3 fats EPA and DHA, and why are they critical for optimal
    brain and eye function?

  • Iodine is a critical nutrient for the thyroid gland. It is not found in
    our foods. That is why it is added to processed table salt. You
    must eat this food to prevent an iodine deficiency!

  • How to pick out the juicer that will best fit your needs

  • What foods contain the essential fats?

  • The protein-rich foods that contain all 21 amino acids

  • Popular cultured beverages such as kombucha tea, kefir
    beverages, and rejuvelac )

Even if you know about the raw foods diet, I guarantee you'll learn
things from "The Health Evolution" that will amaze you!

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Before you purchase any raw food
books, I want to give you 5
criteria you absolutely, positively
must look for.

This includes the following:

1.   Not just a list of How-tos, but a detailed guide on how to get
started on the right foot.
This guide will motivate you to get started
right now, and you will discover how easy it is to remain on a 100%
raw vegan diet. You won’t need to give up your favorite foods.
will discover how to make raw gourmet foods such as pizza,
cake, spaghetti, french fries and ketchup, milkshakes, soup,
tacos, burritos, and any other food you can think of.

Imagine preparing the most delicious gourmet recipes in just minutes.
You will effortlessly throw together a few key ingredients to create the
most beautiful foods you have ever seen. Your friends and family will
be amazed at your new kitchen skills.

This guide will get you started right now. You will gain much more than
a recipe book. You will learn how to create your own recipes from
scratch by balancing the 5 major tastes. This step-by-step guide
details how to create a recipe foundation and build a masterpiece that
will stimulate your senses.

2.  Realistic understanding of how to effectively modify your diet
so you feel terrific and beat your cravings.
Eating a meal that is
right for your metabolic type should produce remarkable improvements
in your energy, your emotional well being, and your mental capacities.
The meals will be easily digested and leave you completely satisfied with
high energy levels.

Food cravings occur because of two reasons. Either you body is
craving nutrients, or it is addicted to the chemicals found in cooked
foods. You will discover how to eliminate cravings by eating every
essential nutrient each day. A detailed guide to superfoods will show
you the high nutrient foods that should be staples in your diet.

You will discover how to eat a breakfast that will give you unlimited
energy levels and keep you going all through the afternoon. There won’
t be any energy crashes due to low blood-sugar levels.

3.         An in-depth explanation of the unique and exotic raw
foods that you won't find in the local supermarket.
You will
discover quick, easy, and safe food preparation methods for items
such as nut milk, sprouts, cultured foods, dehydrated foods, sea
vegetables, coconuts, and much more.

You will uncover the latest research on how to soak and sprout using a
method that will permanently kill dangerous mold and bacteria. Quite
often, people who suffer from nut allergies are actually allergic to the
mold growing on the nuts.

4.         Education on how to succeed socially on the raw foods diet.
You are what you read, and most likely, your friends and family
haven’t read any raw food books. They may call you names, make
jokes, and even laugh at you. This alone is enough to make people give
up the diet in tears. One can only take so many jokes about carrots
and rabbit food!

You will discover the most effective strategies for dealing with these
situations. When the steps in this book are utilized, everyone you
know will be knocking down your door begging you to reveal your

You won't believe it, but
it will happen sooner than you think. You
will become more beautiful each day, and the years will seem to
melt off your body.
Everyone will ask you why your skin is glowing
and radiant, and how are you growing younger? You will never get tired
of people complimenting you on your appearance! You will learn how to
eat living foods in a way that will make you peaceful, happy, and blissful.

5.  Ongoing support and motivation to keep you on the right track.
You will discover resources that will be used immediately to jumpstart
your transition. You will discover the on-line communities where you
can receive instant support in times of need.

Warning: This is a super high energy diet.

You will have so much energy that you will
need to find new ways to use it. Say
goodbye to your old sedentary days and say
hello to a fun, rewarding, & active life-style!

After browsing through "The Health Evolution: Getting Started with the
Raw Foods Diet" you will be eating the most nutritious superfoods on
earth. This includes foods that contain between
70 to 90 vitamins
and minerals per serving!!

You will discover how to provide the soil in your garden and sprouting
trays with all the minerals they desire.

You will discover how the use of music will cause your plants, flowers,
and trees to increase their uptake of nutrients by over 700%. After
using this music, your plants will grow 7 times faster and produce
extremely large quantities of food.

Problem is... in the past there have
been 3 ways to transition to the raw
foods diet and become a gourmet

Let's First Explore Those Three Ways.

First, you could hire a professional living foods coach and mentor for a
lifestyle consultation. Of course, that will run
you a minimum cost of
$75 for one hour.
And if you want a really good coach you’ll be
paying $1,000 or more.

You can take classes for raw gourmet chef training, but that will cost
you over $500 for a three-day weekend. In "The Health Evolution", you
will discover everything you need to know about preparing raw
gourmet foods. Before you finish the book, you’ll be throwing together
your own beautiful and tasty recipes. Your family will demand to know
where your new skills magically appeared!

Second, you can visit a nutritionist to help you with your diet plans,
weight issues, food allergies, and nutritional plans. They will charge you
hundreds of dollars for a consultation. You will be subjected to their
opinions about why they don’t think a 100% raw foods diet is optimal.

One day a dear friend of mine, one of the members of our local raw
foods community I’m in, visited a doctor specializing in Clinical
Nutrition. My friend grumbled, "If I hear one more doctor that says
'The raw foods diet is missing important nutrients' I'm going to

He went on to explain the following:

"These doctors have never read books on raw foods nutrition. How can
they tell me it’s lacking nutrients? The raw foods diet is the most
nutrient rich diet on Earth! On top of that, the doctor attempted to
put me on hundreds of dollars worth of useless supplements."

My friend is right. The fact is that most doctors have never studied raw
and living food nutrition. The college textbooks focusing on nutrition
do not even mention raw foods! I've searched through them, and I
haven’t found one reference to the raw foods diet.

Most doctors you ask about nutrition will tell you raw foods won’t
supply enough protein, fat, or vitamins. Many of them begin with the
line "You need protein from animal products". When confronted, they
admit they simply don’t know which vegetarian raw foods contain every
essential protein!

I have to give the doctors a break because they have seen their fair
share of unhealthy vegans and vegetarians. We've all seen them, and
perhaps we were unhealthy vegetarians! I was the worst junk food
vegetarian before I discovered living foods. Many unhealthy vegetarians
have pale skin, an unhealthy complexion, and underweight.

I was a junk food vegetarian for many years, and I was living on frozen
veggie burgers, canned foods, chips, and dip. I had no idea I needed
omega-3 fats and 10 amino acids every day. My nutritional deficiencies
were making me sick and unhealthy. My dry skin was getting worse by
the day!

The problem is, most vegetarians have a similar story. They aren't
receiving every essential nutrient and they don’t know what foods
contain them. In "The Health Evolution" you will discover where to find
all 50 essential nutrients, and then some! You will even find the foods
containing essential minerals missing from our soil due to poor farming
practices and soil damaging chemical fertilizers.

I'm sure you would agree. Most farmers don’t know how to
re-mineralize their soil. If the soil is mineral deficient, the food is also

Most farmers use the N-P-K fertilizer as their only nutrient addition.
The N (nitrogen)-P (phosphorus) –K (potassium) fertilizers only supply
three out of the 114 minerals. You’re going to have to find your
mineral rich food elsewhere! In "The Health Evolution" you will discover
where all the nutrient rich foods are hiding out and you will learn how
to ensure the soil your garden contains all 114 minerals.

Third and most common route,
the one you are probably using right

This is the option, up until now, most people took. This is the "do it all
yourself" way.

You read an article, listen to a CD, glance through a book, check out a
couple other people's websites and "poof" you are on the diet.

It "seems" like the best route to take. But is it really?

The first time you go to the store, you’re overwhelmed by the food
choices. There is so much produce, how to you know what to
purchase. You’re probably wondering ‘Where do I find raw salad
dressing?’ ‘How do I make the bitter winter greens and root vegetables
edible?’ ‘How do I make vegetables tasty?’

The first time I tried this diet, I found myself wandering through the
produce section thinking ‘I’ll never be able to eat like this!’ I was
overwhelmed by the selection of produce, and I had no idea how to
prepare it. It took me months of trial and error before I could prepare
delicious meals that didn't scare away my family!

Most of the meals I prepared during my first year on raw foods made
me the butt of many jokes. I was the laughing stock in my circle of

(The worst of the jokes came when I brought a durian fruit to a
potluck! The jokes still haven’t stopped, so don’t you make this same

You prepare to make a delicious dinner on a Saturday evening, and you
look at all your fresh produce waiting for an inspiration to come your
way. Hours pass, you miss your favorite TV show, and your spouse is

To make matters worse, the bland dinner you ended up making after 5
hours just made you hungry and gave you cravings for bread.

Or you can’t answer your friend's questions on raw nutrition. You
stumble over the protein questions and you mumble an inaudible
statement when asked about enzymes.

This is not funny. You are agonizing over every meal, have constant
"cravings", and absolutely dread the thought every time you have to
answer to the critics.

You are constantly frustrated trying to figure out what works…asking
yourself "will my cooked food additions end?" when you know the
answer is no.

Worst of all you are low on energy, losing too much weight, always
hungry, and constantly grouchy because you are so frustrated.

But your culinary skills are the most crucial part. Without mouth-
watering meals, that compel others to start drooling with desire,
nothing else matters.

What if you could eliminate all of the guesswork and eliminate this
"culinary" thorn from your side once and for all? What if you knew
exactly what to eat and how, completing in minutes what currently
takes you hours.

What if you were a master with the most important skill you can have?

What is This Easy Fourth Approach,
The Health Evolution Approach?

Would you like to have the "clouds have parted and God is talking to
you" approach to raw and living foods, so mesmerizing and so
captivating that people will crawl over broken glass to sample your

That is what the Health Evolution Approach is like.

Do you want to know what it is?

Each month I host raw gourmet potlucks. Many people from the
community attend to discover what the raw diet is all about. They ask
me to teach them about raw foods and share my recipes. People are
hungry for me to reveal the secrets of raw gourmet.

Since my meals have astounded and amazed so many people, they
wanted me to share my knowledge and explain the process. After
years of listening to them demand I write a book, I finally took action!

I explained that creating delicious recipes using high nutrient raw foods
is a science and art. It is a process that will create the mouth watering
meals while supplying every essential nutrient in an easy to digest form.

"The Health Evolution" will show you exactly how
to create meals so delicious that people won't
want to do anything else but keep eating.

It's not that unusual to experience, but learning how to consciously
lead people into that state of mind is truly an art and a science.

That's what the greatest gourmet chefs of all time knew, and that’s
what I teach.

  • You will discover how to create delicious gourmet meals that
    stimulate every taste bud, without using recipes.

  • You will discover superfood nutrition. You will be creating
    gourmet recipes with foods that contain every nutrient needed to
    sustain life

  • You will discover the food many doctors are using for hormone
    replacement therapy.

  • You will discover how to make cakes, cookies, pies, and candy
    using high mineral fruits and sweeteners.

  • You will discover the best juice for improving circulation and
    cleansing the blood

  • You will uncover the secret to making meals of every nationality.
    You will easily make Thai, Italian, Asian, Indian, Mexican, and
    American cuisine that tastes better than anything you’ve ever
    eaten before in your life!

  • How much should garlic and onions be consumed?

  • The essential mineral iodine is missing from our food supply. You
    will discover one food that contains 100% of the RDA for iodine,
    in each serving. This plant also contains over 60 minerals and 21
    amino acids.

  • The dangers of common table salt. What is our daily requirement
    for salt, and should it be consumed in food or as sea salt?

What is included in The Health Evolution Home
Study Course?

You will receive...

#1) The Health Evolution:
Getting Started with Raw and Living Foods
digital book- an in-
depth guide that shows you exactly how to get started with the raw
foods diet today!
(A $30 Value)

Bonus 1) The Art of Juice Fasting - How to improve your health
in record time with fresh fruit and vegetable juices.
This digital
book and audio shows you exactly how to start a juice fast. Juice
fasting is the quickest way to improve your health. It covers the types
of juices you should drink, how much, how to get fresh juice at work,
different tools you can use for elimination and detoxification, and much
(A $20 Value)

Bonus 2) Conversations with Dr. Flora- This awesome digital book
contains Dr. Flora's years of wisdom. She worked with Dr. Ann
Wigmore for decades and shares her inside secrets. Dr. Wigmore is
known as the 'Mother' of the modern raw foods community.
(A $30

Bonus 3) Life Foods - Digital book and audio program with raw foods
expert Paul Nison. In this program Paul shares his teachings on health
and healing. Paul is the author of numerous raw food books and tours
internationally to give presentations on living foods.
(A $40 Value)

Bonus 4) Introduction to Raw Foods and Natural Hygiene with
Dave Klein
- Dave eats a 100% raw vegan diet and lives the Natural
Hygiene lifestyle. He healed himself of IBS / crohns / colitis by eating
raw foods and fasting. He is the author of numerous books on health
and nutrition and he publishes a raw foods magazine. You will receive
two digital books and two audio programs containing interviews with
Dave Klein. Natural Hygiene is the science and art of living in harmony
with nature.
(A $30 Value)

Bonus 5) Interview with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, along with an
interview with Gabriel's personal assistant Michael Bader. In this audio
program you will discover the basics of Spiritual Nutrition, secrets of
living foods, Three supplements every raw vegan should be taking, plus
an introduction into programs offered by the Tree of Life Rejuvenation
(A $10 Value)

Bonus 6) Getting Started with the Dr. Ann Wigmore Live Foods
program -
Audio interview with Dr. Jim Carey, Executive Trustee of
the Creative Health Institute (CHI). CHI is a vegan raw and living foods
retreat center in Michigan, also called The Wheatgrass Place. CHI was
founded by Dr. Ann Wigmore many years ago. CHI is a natural health
learning center which provides a natural program of body purification,
nutrition and rejuvenation through the use of fresh raw fruits,
vegetables, juices, nuts, sprouted seeds, grains, beans, chlorophyll
rich greens and wheatgrass juice.
(A $30 Value)

Bonus 7) Introduction into The Master Cleanse Diet, aka. The
Lemonade Diet.
This audio program gives a detailed description of the
benefits of the popular Master Cleanser detox and cleanse program,
which was created by Stanley Burroughs. You will discover how to get
started on the cleanse, what to expect during and after the cleanse,
plus additional supplements and tools that will help improve your
experience on the Master Cleanser.
(A $20 Value)

Bonus 8) How to loose weight on the raw foods diet - This
popular audio program was created with Carlene Jones.

Carlene lost 136 pounds in 9 months -

that is as fast s bariatric surgery! All she did was eat raw vegan foods
and exercise! In this program, she tells her story and talks about
healing from obesity...giving you valuable tips on safe weight loss.
(A $20 Value)

Bonus 9) The Art of Raw Gourmet Foods - How to make delicious
and beautiful meals that everyone will love! These two audio programs
with digital books contain interviews with raw gourmet chefs- including
Matthew Kenney (author of Raw Food / Real World), Gabrielle Chavez
(author of The Raw Food Gourmet), Brian Au (Author of Raw in Ten
Minutes). Discover how to make vegan cheese, cakes, pies, vegan
sushi, nut milks, pate, pasta, and much more!
(A $40 value)

Bonus 10) Natural Bodybuilding on a raw vegan diet
- Discover the secrets to building big muscle...without supplements!
Yes, it can be done! In this audio course we discuss specific exercises
and foods that will build muscle and get you in shape fast. This audio
course is good for both Men and Women.
(A $15 Value)

Bonus 11) Raw Spirit with Matt Monarch
- Matt has been eating a 100% living foods diet for a decade. He
shares with you the missing link in most people's journey to optimal
health. Most health seekers are missing out on this one important tool
that could be causing unnecessary pain!
(A $10 Value)

Bonus 12) Free Updates! You will receive new audio programs and
special reports as I add them
(Value: Priceless!)

...and you will receive four more surprise gifts!

How much does this cost?

This is a $295 value!

I will soon be selling this course for $47.00 in a few weeks. I am offering this course to you for only $27 because I need a few more testimonials to add to this sales letter. Once I have the testimonials, I will be increasing the price to $47.00.

Grab your copy today before the price goes up!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Remember...your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

I have a full money back / No questions asked refund policy...And you
get to keep the digital books and audio programs as a Thank You gift
for giving it a try. There is absolutely
no risk!

So what's the catch? Why am I practically
giving this program away?

Well, it's really quite simple. Since you'll be downloading the manual
directly from my website I have no inventory and no fulfillment costs. I
don't need to pay anyone to take the orders over the phone (though,
you are welcome to call me at 503-771-3904 to rest assured that I am
a real person). This way I can pass along my cost savings to you. So
you win and I win.

Downloading this guide is a piece of cake! (It works on both PC and
Mac computers.)

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Finally! Raw foods chef reveals his secrets to optimal health and healing...

Announcing --- Michael Snyder's Getting Started with the Raw and Living
Foods Diet Home Study Course

- New 4rd Edition updated for 2013!

This amazing and simple program almost magically transforms your life with new
health and nutrition breakthroughs. The scientific research contained in these
pages will compel you into action and re-awaken your passion for life.

From: Michael Snyder
Portland, Oregon
February 7, 2013
What are people saying about
The Health Evolution?
Hi Mike,
I have read your book quickly. I plan to read it again slowly.
As an beginner in raw food eating I am very satisfied. You have
included a lot of useful information. I am learning a lot from you.

Sinisa; Ontario, Canada



Loved your articles and looking forward to finishing your book.
Thanks for all the healthy ideas.

Kathy S.,  Michigan, US


Dear Mike,

I read your book and found it very educational and informative. I
liked the style of writing too, as well as the links to websites, that
was a pretty cool idea.

- Androulla, London, UK


"Hey Mike, I'm so excited that you're making that huge pile of
experience you've gathered available to anyone who wants to start
in RAW. No one I can think of is in a better position to offer folks
such an honest and comprehensive *explorer's eye view* of the
Raw and Living Foods Movement, it's benefits, confusions, and

Thomas C. Chavez
author of Body Electronics


Dear Mike

Thank you for all your informative information. You are always
sending to me. Out of all the raw foods sites I belong to I find your
info the most interesting and useful. I just wanted to let you know I
do appreciate your emailings with all the good information that you
have taken time to send out.

Take Care,

Vanessa Campbell; British
Columbia, Canada


Hi Mike,

I sat down and read through all of The Health Evolution and took
notes.  What I discovered was that when you go Raw, you need
direction and The Health Evolution provide that direction.  You
should not become nutrient deficient while following the guidelines
throughout the eBooks.  They are easy to follow and understand
and written with compassion and knowledge.

I have purchased a few products from some well known individuals
selling Raw secrets, but what I get from them is not only their
knowledge, but their emotional baggage too.  I don't need negative
imput I need positive imput.

I have only just began my journey. I run a health food store and
see on a constant and daily basis people who come looking for that
magic pill to help them lose weight.  Most of the time they only need
to change their diet and restock the missing nutrients in their
starving bodies.

I do firmly believe that there are super nutrients and that if people
were not missing the 8  mono sachrides in the first place, they
would not be so diseased in the first place.  I firmly believe we are
frugavores.  Our teeth, our digestive system and our chemical
composistion and ability to resist disease and live long lives are
simply proof of that.  The people of the Hunza region in Pakastan
have pretty much proven that to the world.  Their life expectancy is
112.  Well I may not be from there, nor do I make claim to their
heritage, but I am certainly willing to learn.

For anyone thinking about ordering...Do it, they are great!  You
wont be disappointed.

~ Mary De Luca, www.micronutra.ca, Burlington, Ontario, Canada.



I just want to thank you for writing to me.  Your e mails are so

I recently went raw and find the information you offer to be
invaluable. You lift my spirits, help me to understand and support
my need to feel that I am not crazy or alone.

This is quite a life changing activity and I find that just knowing
there is a community of raw minded people to learn and grow with is

Thank you for being you and choosing this life path to help others.

Bless you,

May light & Love guide your way,

Mary Lou Woodwell


Michael Synder is (r)awesome in his services and products.

- Robert Murphy  


Dear Mike,

I appreciated your good customer service that I experienced on the
front end of the transaction. Thanks!

- Gina Perry


Hi Mike ,

Your interview with Bruce Horowitz inspired me with a Greater hope
for our future and a Higher dream for the part I hope to play in its

Thank You my Friend,

Greg Vrieling



Just a quick note to say thanks for all the mail that u have been
sending me, it has all been very helpful. You make my day
sometimes by just getting some mail from you.

Anyway that's all for now. Didn't want you to think that I'm not
grateful for
your efforts.

1 Love,



Hi Mike,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your emails, They are

I have been on and off with raw for years, doing several weeks at a
time, but always going back to cooked. I use to think how can
everyone "give up cooked food forever?" But I think it was your
story that made me think  (and some major health issues) that I'm
gaining so much more and you are right when you think of it raw
dishes have so much more flavor and leave you feeling awesome.  I
am saving up to get a food processor and dehydrator. I know that
will really help.

Have an awesome day!!!!

- Susan



I listened to the Bo Rinaldi interview in The Health Evolution, and I
thoroughly enjoyed it!!! It was just what I needed to get a good
kick start on doing the raw thing right this time!!

Bo was just fantastic!!!!!! I will definitely be listening in on your
next interview!!!!

Thanks so much,

Gary Starr


Hi Mike!  

Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed the interview with
Matt Monarch.  Thank you so much.  I am from Florida.  I look
forward to more calls.  



Just wanted to let you know that I love your articles and recipes.

Shirley Jolley


Thanks for the bodybuilding interview!  It was a very helpful
seminar.  I really like the simplicity of Charlie Abel's food plan.  I get
easily intimidated by all the fancy raw recipes that are out there.  I
eat as simply as he does.  I admire that he has been doing this for
so long and still has strength, because I am fatigued all the time.  
Listening to him gave me more hope that one day I will be able to
exercise again. Thank you again for hosting...it was very inspiring!!

Kim from Nashville.


Dear Michael,

I wanted to write and tell you how  fun it is to have a picture of you
from your Health Eevolution. Its fun to put a face with the voice. I
really appreciate your wonderful newsletter. I printed it out to
inspire me. Right now life is stressful and Ive been using food as a
drug. ALL THE WRONG JUNKY FOODS> I just ate 2 cooke bananna
, ginger muffins. YUCK  actually they tasted good but I know they
are not going to help me build a healthy body so THANK YOU SO

Many , Many Blessings to you.

Lindah Bucci

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