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“Scientific Research Proves That the Raw Foods Diet Will Help You Lose Weight, Burn Stubborn Body Fat, and Naturally Eliminate Junk Food Cravings - All While Preserving Your Lean Muscle and Metabolism”

(This is a health seekers DREAM! You are about to discover a simple, step by step program designed to get you started on the raw and living foods diet today!


What if everything you knew about nutrition was wrong? Are the foods you eat setting you up for disease?


Discover the most delicious and nutritious raw gourmet foods on the planet! Once you try these amazing recipes, you’ll never crave cooked foods again!


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Dear health seeker,


Are you sick and tired of your current diet? You want to eat healthy, but you don’t have time? Are you suffering from symptoms of disease and illness that won’t go away? Are you looking for more energy and vitality without caffeine and stimulants? The raw and living foods diet is the answer you’ve been looking for!


How do I know this?


Because that was me 7 years ago!


I was suffering from a mysterious illness for 6 long years. It was destroying my self-esteem, my social life, and my financial future. I was suffering from a horrible case of an eczema skin disease on my face! I had no idea that my diet was the cause of this. I was constantly going to different doctors to find a cure. I was on multiple medications that covered up the symptoms. As long as I used the medication, the eczema was hidden and I appeared to have normal skin. If I stopped the medication, the eczema would come back full strength one day later. I was so embarrassed I would often hide in my house, afraid to socialize with friends.


Finally, after years of fruitless searching, I found a miracle! I read an ad in my local newspaper about the annual “International Festival of Raw and Living Foods” held each August in Portland, Oregon. I started to research and found testimonials from people who have healed themselves of every known illness, disease, and cancer by simply adopting a raw and living foods diet! I had to try it out for myself, and I immediately started eating a 100% raw vegan diet.


The results were remarkable! I saw a considerable improvement in my skin after only 1 week. As time went by, I slowly weaned myself off the medication under the supervision of a naturopathic doctor. After six months, I threw away the medication for good! It was one of the happiest days of my life. It was amazing to watch my body heal itself with the help of the raw foods diet. Since then I have continued on with the diet and have achieved spectacular results for the past 3 years, and I’m getting healthier every day!


I made many mistakes in my first year on the diet, and some were starting to make me sick. I will teach you how to avoid these common mistakes to ensure you never endanger your health. I will show you how to safely transition to a completely raw diet while being aware of any signs of detoxification. I will teach you which foods will satisfy your hunger, and how to eliminate cravings for addictive cooked foods.


By subscribing to the ‘Health Revolution’ E-Zine, you will benefit from on-going support in your transition to a raw foods diet with articles and interviews written by the top health experts in the field.


Some of the benefits you will receive:


Check Icon  Two foods that will make you depression free for life!

Check Icon  How to eliminate cravings for junk foods, sugar, bread, and pasta

Check Icon  Miracles occur when you supply your body with every essential nutrient. Learn which combination of foods will give you every essential vitamin and mineral and watch your energy levels soar!

Check Icon  You will discover remarkable food preparation techniques will save you hours in the kitchen! You will be preparing delicious raw gourmet meals for the whole family in less than 10 minutes!

Check Icon You will discover how to explain this "weird" but totally natural way of eating to your family and friends.

Check Icon You will discover the secret to sticking to your healthy raw foods program while still enjoying a social life with friends at restaurants and bars!   

Check Icon  A breakthrough discovery on high mineral foods. The average person is eating foods containing only 5 to 12 minerals per serving. Discover how to eat superfoods containing 92 minerals per serving! 

Check Icon  Important development on healthy drinking water. Discover the water filtration method that will give you complete hydration!

Check Icon  The Only Scientifically Proven Method To Extend the Lifespan of Every Species on Earth.

Check Icon  Find out which foods create youth and which foods accelerate aging.

Check Icon  Discover the only two vegan foods containing the fats EPA and DHA, which are important nutrients, and are found in the brain and eyes.

Hard to believe? It sure is! The fact is that people just like you are using these methods to grow younger every day! The results prove without a doubt that these health and dietary tips work for everyone!




Even if you don’t have time to spend in the kitchen, you will receive remarkable advice on obtaining optimal nutrition with a very minimal amount of food preparation time.


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“Hey Mike, I'm so excited that you're making that huge pile of experience you've gathered available to anyone who want's to start in RAW. No one I can think of is in a better position to offer folks such an honest and comprehensive *explorer's eye view* of the Raw and Living Foods Movement, it's benefits, confusions, and joys.”

Thomas C. Chavez, author of Body Electronics - Vital Steps to Physical Regeneration


By signing up you will receive all of these benefits:


Check Box Icon Discover which foods contain 72, 84, and up to 92 minerals per serving!


Check Box Icon The Truth About Supplements. Which supplements should you use?


Check Box Icon Startling mistakes commonly made by raw foodists that could be endangering your health.


Check Box Icon Discover the “Superfoods” that make supplements obsolete!


Check Box Icon Learn how to prepare raw gourmet dishes that imitate cooked foods. You will be able to prepare your favorite cooked dishes using raw vegan foods.


I DARE YOU To Use These Advanced Live Food Preparation Methods and NOT Experience Remarkable Improvements In Your Health, Energy, and Vitality -- 100% Guaranteed!


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Here is a small sample of benefits you will discover in this special report:

Bullet Star Where will I get my protein? Adequate protein is the easiest nutrient to obtain on the living foods diet, if you know which foods contain it!

Bullet Star You will uncover the latest research on dietary fats and which staple foods contain them. Your confusion will end as you learn which fats and how much fat you need.

Bullet Star You will learn about certain foods commonly thought of as healthy that can harm your immune and digestive systems. There are some plant foods that should never be eaten raw.

Bullet Star The key to perfect health is optimal digestion. Even the best food on the planet is poisonous if it is not digested properly. Learn the latest techniques to help you end indigestion forever! Discover the art of food combining. There are certain foods that should never be combined together, and there are other foods that become more nutritious when eaten together.

Bullet Star What are enzymes and why do we need them? Learn why enzymes are the most important nutrient, which foods contain the highest enzyme levels. You will discover the pros and cons of digestive enzyme supplementation.

Bullet Star You will learn the breakthrough research on minerals. There are 114 minerals now. How many do you need in your diet? Which foods contain the hard to find trace minerals? Mineral deficiency is a leading cause of disease.

Bullet Star New Research Findings show new methods of spouting to prevent harmful bacteria from growing on the food. Soaking nuts, seeds, grains, and legumes turns raw foods into living foods and dramatically increases the nutrients. What you don’t know about the procedure may cause unsafe bacteria growth.

Bullet Star You will learn which foods give you extra energy, and which foods will make you tired. Give up the coffee habit with a raw beverage that will jumpstart your day!

Bullet Star Discover the best herbal tea for a raw foods diet. There are secret herbal teas that will boost your immune system and provide you with unique antioxidants that act as cell protectors.

The best part of all is that you don’t need any food preparation experience. You can get started immediately!

You will learn how to make small changes that will dramatically improve your health. These are easy steps that will give you immediate results.

To Your Health,Mike Snyder raw foods portland

Michael Snyder Signature

Michael Snyder

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